The Rite of Spring Dance Party invites the audience to dance to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring for the first time in history. 

Article from WQXR.

Rite of Spring Dance Party Manifesto

Whereas: Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring is one of the most revolutionary pieces of music ever written, causing a riot at its premiere on May 29, 1913

And whereas it was composed for (wild, revolutionary) dance, and intended in all ways to shake the audience out of their bones

And whereas it was considered impossible to play at its premiere, but is now performed widely across the world, including in conservatories and even by some youth orchestras

And that thus through frequent performances and recordings, an aesthetic of performance practice that values perfectionism of and because of the ever-growing technical skill of performers around the world, the shock of this work has been dulled 

Therefore: We are bringing this piece back to movement, dance, encouraging, allowing, enabling, facilitating, demanding crazy emotional responses & strong visceral reactions

We are letting the audience members be their own choreographers and dancers, respond to the music however they feel it move them, because the Rite of Spring is too powerful a piece to take sitting down

We believe this piece of music should transform you in some palpable way

And because the Rite is as rich harmonically as it is rhythmically, as sophisticated as anything ever written, and as primal as anything ever experienced,

We believe that when you let the music flow through your body, and let your body react and respond to these rhythms and sounds and melodies and guttural exhortations and orgasmic ecstasy and painful rebirth and terrifying stillness, you hear the music differently because you feel the music differently.

Moreover: We believe that music should not be exclusively or primarily a synaptic activity

We believe that music is something that should vibrate our aching organs, hit us in the gut, something that can bring feelings up from the roots of our ancestors and into our limbs and backs and bellies

We celebrate that everyone hears music differently every time they listen, and that live orchestral music is the most powerful collective emotional experience humans can have with sound

And so: we are creating concerts that enable the audience to experience music, not just hear it; feel it, not only analyze it. We don’t care how you react to this music, but the Rite of Spring should have a powerful effect on everyone who hears it.

What audience members are saying:

"This was such an extraordinary experience, to dance so close to a live orchestra, to feel each instrument through your skin, hear so differently. We felt invisible, zombie-like yet so alive. It’s such a brilliant thing, I wish EXO many more wild audiences."

"This is the future of classical music!"

"The way orchestral music should be."

“When was the last time you heard an audience of Millennials treat and orchestra and the conductor like rock stars?"

"James Blachly's Rite of Spring Dance Party was a truly incredible and unique experience. I have never felt more viscerally connected with the gritty, earthy side of music. We dancers (aka most of the audience) got to flip our inner experience of the music onto the outside, feeling vulnerable, letting down our guards, and inviting each other in. Aural experience was blended with body experience which was blended with visual experience - totally immersive. "

"I’ve never seen the art form brought in the modern age like this. "

"I don’t think you’ve realized yet that this has never happened before-it’s never been this great."

What orchestra members are saying:

Article from Oboist Nick Tisherman

"I've never heard applause like that at an orchestral concert. It felt like everybody was really in this together."

"It was like encountering an untamed wild beast instead of a piece of music."

"The Rite of Spring Dance Party incited a liberation of the orchestral musician just as Stravinksy freed the orchestral sound with the piece itself. Playing in the orchestra and feeling the frenetic energy of the audience surging and swirling with every color change allowed me to understand the revolution that is The Rite. I am so grateful to James for having experienced this music viscerally, unchained and unafraid."

"I have performed Rite many times, but this was the first time that I actually felt completely immersed in the emotions behind the music." 

"I have never experienced anything like the Rite of Spring Dance Party. The connection between the audience and the orchestra was indescribable. The audience was provided with the unique opportunity to express their feelings with the music physically, which drove the musicians to new heights in intensity and passion. Overall, it was a night for the history books that I am so glad to have been a part of."